Cac Ninh Ceramics


Artist Statement

My affinity for the arts developed in music, visual arts, dance, and took root in ceramics.
I find its quiet language suitable to my introversion and eccentricity.

The art disciplines provided a road map revealing the clay process; throwing is performing. Like a refined partnership between two instruments, the artist and medium are one.
Two voices entwine—one voice rises, the other recedes—distinct yet not separate. Wheel-thrown pieces vibrate at the precipice of collapse. It is at this tenuous edge where clay comes to life—where it is born, not made.

The process of clay, so analogous to the human experience, seduces both artist and viewer. The impetus to create comes from my intention to make tangible this ineffable experience—imbuing the energy, the spirit, into works that will resonate uniquely with others.